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Pantser to Plantsing Plot Jedi by Shannon A. Hiner

Please join me in welcoming a very special guest poster, Shannon A. Hiner. Not only is she a wonderful writer, a great person and a fun person to follow on Twitter, she's also got a new book coming out, which is awesome and I highly recommend it. Bonus! You can check out the first 4… Continue reading Pantser to Plantsing Plot Jedi by Shannon A. Hiner

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Ryen Lesli

As writers, we all go through stages where we believe we are the worst; we convince ourselves that our work is dreadful and those words are sneaky. They manage to sink right into the best of us. This is why I really wanted to interview Ryen. She has confidence, sticks to her guns, and she's… Continue reading Ryen Lesli

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Sarah Bailey

Welcome to author interviews. Lately, I’ve realized there are a lot of great authors out there that get buried underneath a pile of rejection letters and self-doubt. Social media is a wondrous thing, but it only gets you so far. Once a month I’d like to showcase a very special author. This week, I have… Continue reading Sarah Bailey