Chairwoman of the Floor

Yep, I've fallen through a chair. Twice! Fun fact: Charles Darwin added wheels to his laboratory chair, in order to be able to move freely and have easy access to his tools and paper. Isn't that creative? It's Sunday (family day, as my dad calls it) and we're circled around a table playing board games,… Continue reading Chairwoman of the Floor

Happy Trails

A simple chat with an old friend reminded me of a crazy event that occurred during my 'drinking' phase. Most teens have their drinking phase right into college and since I didn't go to college until I hit twenty-two, I got a late start. Spending nearly five years working non-stop after high school I decided it was… Continue reading Happy Trails

This Clumsy Girl’s Big Fall

If there were an Olympic event for being accident prone I swear I’d win a gold medal. Maybe take all three. Don't believe me? Keep reading. For some people, an accident is just that: an accident. It’s not an everyday occurrence. Everyone muddles through their bad days, moving on after the appropriate ‘mourning’ session has… Continue reading This Clumsy Girl’s Big Fall