4 Wheels, 3 Bases & 2 Injuries

I've been mentally going over my list of scars to share for this post. (There are too many to choose from) "She's so dumb she got hit by a parked car!" Have you ever heard this joke? It wasn't exactly written about me, though unfortunately, I can certainly fit into the stereotype on at least… Continue reading 4 Wheels, 3 Bases & 2 Injuries

This Clumsy Girl’s Big Fall

If there were an Olympic event for being accident prone I swear I’d win a gold medal. Maybe take all three. Don't believe me? Keep reading. For some people, an accident is just that: an accident. It’s not an everyday occurrence. Everyone muddles through their bad days, moving on after the appropriate β€˜mourning’ session has… Continue reading This Clumsy Girl’s Big Fall