Tea Bag Mishap

So, I've had a sinus infection for a few months now. It's been so bad that I get a massive eyeball headache instantly after walking outside, or daring to look at my computer (which makes a writer's life so much more interesting, don't you think?). This has brought me to the doctor more times than… Continue reading Tea Bag Mishap

Hazardous Work Environment?

I don't know if I can teach you anything with this blog, except to always watch where you're going in life, though I do hope that you get a chuckle out of it. If this blog posting can make even one person's day a little better, I can say that I've done my job. Today,… Continue reading Hazardous Work Environment?

Happy Trails

A simple chat with an old friend reminded me of a crazy event that occurred during my 'drinking' phase. Most teens have their drinking phase right into college and since I didn't go to college until I hit twenty-two, I got a late start. Spending nearly five years working non-stop after high school I decided it was… Continue reading Happy Trails

4 Wheels, 3 Bases & 2 Injuries

I've been mentally going over my list of scars to share for this post. (There are too many to choose from) "She's so dumb she got hit by a parked car!" Have you ever heard this joke? It wasn't exactly written about me, though unfortunately, I can certainly fit into the stereotype on at least… Continue reading 4 Wheels, 3 Bases & 2 Injuries

Once Bitten, Twice As Painful

Today's tale is one of immeasurably poor timing and astounding gracelessness. In this scenario, I am about eight-years-old. I'm walking barefoot with my little brother, who is around six. I can't tell you where we'd been or what we'd been doing, but I can tell you that we lived in a duplex that was next… Continue reading Once Bitten, Twice As Painful