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Author Cassidy Reyne

I know I always say this, but I had such a fun time getting to know Cassidy. It is always nice to meet a fellow indie author. She has a great sense of humor and she’s a romantic at heart. Two of my favorite things. Great qualities, don’t you think? Read on and meet her for yourself.

MN: Tell us a little bit about your book or what you’re working on.

CR: My debut novel The Sentinels — Saving Her was published on Amazon last year and I’m now working on the third draft of the follow up, Saving Him. They are romantic suspense novels as I’m a big romantic at heart but I also like a bit of excitement and danger thrown into my stories. 

I’m also working on another RS story which was my project during CampNaNoWriMo and after I’ve published Saving Him I will dig deep into that one. I’m hoping to make it a bit rougher with regards to language — more swear words — and maybe even more sex thrown in but I’m not sure if I can write sex scenes yet. I don’t want them to come off as stilted and cringey as they sound in my head right now!
MN: Congrats! That’s amazing! I wasn’t sure if I could write sex scenes either, but I gave it a go for a romance novel and it turned out all right. I say give it a whirl and have fun with it. You’ll figure it out. I’m sure of it. Who’s your favorite character you’ve ever written and why?
CR: My favorite character so far is probably the male character in my Camp novel. He’s rough around the edges, is dealing with some personal issues that has him believing he can go through life with just a string of “one and done” encounters but he’s in for a bit of a rude awakening on that attitude. I haven’t developed him fully yet so I’m still not sure how far he will take this attitude, and me, but I’m having a bit of fun with him as I write.
MN: He sounds like a fascinating character. I like him already. If you could be any Avenger, which would you be? Bonus: would you change anything about that Avenger?
CR: Any Avenger? Oooh, that’s a tricky one. I’d probably want to be Loki, he kind of has it all. He’s got all these really cool powers, loves playing tricks on people and doesn’t care (much) what the others think of him. He’s manipulative, mean, jealous, bears a grudge like nobody’s business and tries to kill just about anyone who gets in the way of what he wants. Quite frankly, he’s a sociopath, isn’t he?! But buried deep, really, really, deep, underneath it all he’s got a small sliver of good in his heart which breaks out when it’s really needed.
Would I change anything about him? Yes! His clothes! What’s with all the dark green and black he’s always wearing? And that horned helmet would have to go. No one looks good with two curved horns on your head, unless you’re a goat. I’d also change his hair. I don’t mind longish hair on a guy, I mean, just look at Thor. But greasy and slicked back — no thanks. It needs a good wash and a short cut. It’d be so much nicer to run your fingers through it in frustration — and he’s frustrated a lot, isn’t he?!
MN: Yeah, I can agree with those points. It’s that redeeming factor that we all seem to love about him. If you could go back in time or go to the future, which direction would you go?
CR: Go back in time or forward into the future.? Hmmm, I’d probably go back a few million years just to see what it all looked like before we started destroying everything. A time when there was no pollution, no unnatural structures and machines, and things just happened the way they were meant to. Just imagine the natural events, animals and plants we could see. I’d be too scared to travel to the future in case we’d destroyed the whole planet and had to leave to find a new one, or just perished with it. On the other hand we might have come up with ways to save it all and maybe even restore it to something better. Oh, and space travel, I’d love to be able to fly among the stars to alien planets, that would be so cool. 
MN: Great point. Yeah, we destroyed it we should fix it. Here’s to hoping. Do you prefer to write with pen and paper or use your computer?
CR: I mostly use my Mac, or my iPad, to write as I can type so much faster than if I did it by hand, and it would have to be typed up in the end anyway. Saying that, most of my story plotting and character developments are handwritten in project books and I also make handwritten notes for my wips on things to add/change/delete, on large writing pads.

MN: Do you have a favorite book cover?

CR: Favorite book covers?

Yes, I have more than one, there are soooo many gorgeous covers out there its’s difficult to just choose one, so, I picked three that all have some kind of meaning to me. The first one, War Horse, is the cover of the incredibly beautiful, and harrowing, story War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. As an avid horse lover, and previous owner, of horses I found this story extremely poignant and heartwrenching. Not only does it deal with the horrors of WW1 but it also depicts the incredible relationships that can develop between humans and animals. It’s harrowing and uplifting, tragic and joyful all in one beautifully written story.
The second one is one of my kids’ most loved bedtime stories. It is such a simple, yet incredibly important message that every child out there deserves to be told every day; I love you to the moon…..
The third book cover is from my own childhood in Sweden. It’s a collection of stories by the most incredible children’s author I have ever read; Astrid Lindgren, and all her stories had a huge impact on my childhood. She is the author of more well known stories like Pippi Longstocking and Mio My Mio (which was made into an English speaking film.) This particular collection depicted the adventures of some children on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm and as that’s where I grew up (on a different island) it has always stayed very close to my heart. To this day I will read the book or watch the DVD’s whenever I need a bit of a reminder of home.
MN: Aww, that’s so sweet. These are great! Thanks for sharing. Is there a trick you have for motivating yourself to write?
CR: So far, I have had all the motivation I’ve needed to write as the words just seem to spill out on the pages, someone called it word vomit I and I have to agree, that’s exactly what it is. The trick, for me is to change it into something someone else would actually like to read. So far, the few reviews I’ve had, have all been really positive, and no, they’re not written by my friends and family! But, whenever I’ve needed an extra push to get through a particularly emotionally difficult part of my book I’ve put on a playlist with romantic songs to get me in the mood. Sometimes, if I’m struggling to get the words to sound right I have to have music without lyrics and then I usually listen to something by Ludovico Einaudi.
MN: What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to face as a writer?
CR: My most difficult challenge as a writer was to start that very first chapter. I felt like a fraud and had my heart in my throat the whole time. I had to constantly remind myself that no one else had to ever see what I had written. It could stay my little secret forever if I really wanted it too. Luckily, I have a very supportive husband and family who told me to publish it, come what may. 
I often come across as confident and carefree but believe me, I actually have very low self esteem. It’s only been through getting older (!), having children and meeting some truly wonderful friends over the years, not least, just recently,  through some groups on IG and Messenger, that I have finally found a sliver of belief in myself and my books. For that, I’m forever grateful. 
MN: I’m so glad you were able to push through and publish. Not everyone can. What’s the longest time it took you to write a book?
CR: My first book took me about four months to actually write as all the characters and settings had been in my head for so long, but this follow up has taken me nearly a year so far but it’s finally getting to a point where I can start thinking about a release date.
MN: Awesome! Good luck and can’t wait! Is there a genre you wish to write in that’s proven extremely challenging?
CR: I would love to be able to write an urban fantasy but I’m not sure I have the imagination to pull it off. Attempting to fit fantasy into real life and make it believable might just be beyond my capabilities but maybe I’ll just try it one day. I’d probably turn “It can just stay my little secret” into a daily mantra if I ever decided to give it a go.
MN: Well, if you ever need any help with that, I’m here and I’ve got tons of books on the subject to recommend for you. No pressure. Are there any indie authors that we should check out?
CR: Indie authors: wow, there are so many, just take your pick. I have read so many great books by Indies and had the privilege of ARC reading some that are not yet published and I’m overwhelmed by the talent out there.
  • Nattie Kate Mason – The Crowning
  • Elexis Belle – Annabelle
  • L. D. Nash – Sentinel: Demon Assassin
  • Janine Caroline – I Look At You and Smile 
  • Kris Pfeifer – The Judge’s Demon
  • Steve Orr – The Jaguar Eye: Gatekeeper’s Chronicles
  • Brittany Renee – The Inner Corner
  • C R Pugh – Hunted In the Valley and Secrets Of the Valley (Old Sequoia Valley Series)
  • K. O. Newman – Reclaiming Psyche

Soon-to-be published:

  • S. L. Mason – Trick Of Fae
  • Kara S. Weaver – Crown of Conspiracy
  • LeaAnn Armstrong – Elizabeth Addams
  • S. Esme Rosalie – Beautifully Broken

Thank you for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed getting to know author Cassidy Reyne. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and stay tuned for the next interview coming up in two weeks.

And a special thank you to you, Cassidy for agreeing to be interviewed. It’s truly been a pleasure.

Until next time.

yours truly,

A Clumsy Writer

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