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Andrea Gibb

Today’s post was supposed to happen yesterday, so I apologize. Oops, my bad. I spent all weekend writhing in pain from a back injury. And I’m double sorry because today’s guest is so much fun! I enjoyed getting to know Andrea and I know you all will, too. She’s a writer, she’s a mom, a wife and a juggler, (well, maybe, but she’s definitely a juggler of life) so let’s get into the interview and meet the person you came here for.

MN: Andrea, tell us a bit about what you write.

AG: Right now I am writing book two of an epic fantasy series, but I also have a collection of short stories and story ideas in different fantasy genres and sci-fi.

MN: Exciting! Was there any fun research you had to do for Child of Kitarra?

Available on Amazon and Indigo.

AG: I went to a workshop on writing fight scenes hosted by a woman MMA fighter/fantasy author. It was awesome (she was awesome).

MN: That sounds like so much fun! Have you ever thought of an idea while in the bathroom and realize you have no way of writing it down and do you have strategy for remembering the idea?

AG: Maybe not specifically the bathroom, usually I get great ideas while I’m driving. And I do not have a strategy for remembering – I should probably come up with one. Sadly, those slippery little epiphanies usually flit out of my brain before I can write them down. Once or twice I have actually pulled over to write them down, but that is not really a good long-term strategy.

MN: I never thought about that one. Yes, that would be a hard one. I have an idea: if you have Bluetooth set up in the car, I often will text myself ideas. Maybe you could make that work. Or just repeat the idea a couple times out loud, and sometimes that makes it easier to remember. Scientifically, there’s auditory reception on top of your usual recall—raises your chances of remembering. Hopefully one of these ideas helps.

AG: Yes, I have tried to repeat it over and over in my head or out loud is even better. I think it works best. Bluetooth is too complicated… My kids are almost old enough for me to dictate it to them if they happen to be in the car with me 🙂 

MN: It is complicated, but your way sounds good too. Who is the best character you’ve ever written? Why do you love them so much?

AG: Stone is my favorite character. He is Kitarran – a cat-like humanoid, with a tail. (As a child, I went through a phase wishing I had a tail) Stone is a tad broody and dark, but also kind, and desperately wants to do the right thing. I enjoy writing from his perspective.

MN: It’s important to enjoy your own characters. When did you first get your library card?

AG: I can’t even remember, but my name was scrawled in messy cursive, and I was into cursive when I was 8, so it must have been about then.

MN: That’s cool. I hear they don’t teach cursive anymore. Have you or would you teach it to your children?

AG: My kids go to an alternative school, so I am not sure what the regular school system does. I would love to teach them but I doubt they would be interested, I don’t think it’s their thing – but, hey, you never know. 

MN: Maybe one day. *Crosses fingers* What family member encouraged your writing the most, and why?

AG: My cousin. She read the first version of Child of Kitarra when it was a huge mess – there were so many problems with the story. But she encouraged me regardless, which means a lot to me.

MN: That’s so amazing. It’s always good to have at least one person, always in your corner—no matter what. Do you have a date set on the next book in the Sanarii Chronicles?

AG: Eeeek. Not an exact date, no. I am pushing for early 2020, but there is still a lot to be done on the story – and life! Last summer my husband and I decided to change up our life by moving, so we are currently building a house. We do a lot of DIY renovations, so right now all of my free time is either spent on projects for the house or with my kids. But when the house is done, I am going to work so hard to get that book finished because it is going to be a great sequel!

MN: I’m certain it will be! And yes, building a house, taking care of family and writing a book are all hefty jobs. I find balance is sometimes hard because each job is important.

AG: Yes, and it’s about priorities – some things just need to be done right now, which creates a queue, and unfortunately writing is far at the back right now (or almost, cleaning is way back there too) 

MN: No one can fault you for that. I always save cleaning for last lol How long have you been drawing? (That’s right, she draws, too. In case you didn’t know.)

Visit Andrea’s website to see more of these one of a kind drawings and to learn more about some of your favorite characters—or maybe, soon-to-be favorites.

AG: Since I was old enough to hold a pencil. My drawings were (and sometimes still are) precursors to my writing. I find sketching a character helps cement them in my mind.

MN: That’s lovely. It’s a hobby I’m jealous of. As a fellow tree lover, do you have a favorite kind?

AG: Oh man. That is such a hard question. It’s like asking me which of my kids I like better. I love old-growth red cedar trees – they are so wise. I love the pacific dogwood – they are so secretive and beautiful. And I love pine trees with their long, grand needles.

MN: I would never do that lol Maybe I would. These are all great choices. Don’t worry, I won’t tell the others. If you could only tell us one thing about your book, what would that be?

AG: This question took me way too long, but the One Thing would be: it has kick-ass characters!

MN: That’s an awesome answer! Can you give us more indie authors that we should look out for and do you have a website or media outlet that you’d like me to post? If you have an image of your book and a picture of yourself that I can display, that would be awesome.

  • I haven’t had a chance to pick up any of Julia Blake’s books, but I want to soon!
  • Karen Furk is great at world building.
  • RM Jamieson has a great feed and she is working on an urban fantasy set in Vancouver, which I am eager to read!

I don’t know about all of you, but I think I have a bunch more books to add to my bookshelf today.

self portrait
Author Andrea Gibb

Thank you so much for being with us today, Andrea. It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you and getting to know you. I wish you the best of luck with your books and with the new home.

And to all of my lovely readers. Thank you for getting to know Andrea with me. I hope you have found a new author friend today.

Until next time,

yours truly,

A Clumsy Writer 

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