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Writing Prompts – Week Two

As promised on Twitter, here are week two’s writing prompts, image edition. If you get stuck on your story, follow me on Twitter @WIPlinoPrompts or @MissMikkiNoble

I’d be glad to help (if I can).

As you may or may not know, I started #WIPlino in November to help writers get through #NaNoWriMo and to share their work if they so wished. Thank you everyone for your support and without further adieu, here are some writing prompts for you.

Click on the image that you like and you’ll see the prompt I’ve written. You can use the image alone, the prompt, both, change anything. Just write and have fun.

Each image came from http://www.pixabay.com so if you’d like to use them, visit the site and download the image size you require.

Every week during the month of April I’m going to post more prompts and there’s a daily prompt on Twitter, if you follow @WIPlinoPrompts.

In case you missed the last post, you have a chance to win a $50 Amazon card. All you’ve got to do is share your work on Twitter and use the hashtag #WIPlino. The person who shares the most tweets for the month of April will win the card. Multiple tweets per day increase your chances of winning.

Best of luck to everyone in your writing journey—whether you’re committing to Camp Nano or not.

yours truly,

A Clumsy Writer

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