Evil Ants

As I think about writing this post, the only thing that comes to me is the taste. It sincerely gives me the willies just thinking about it.

It’s a sweltering July evening. I’m staying with my mother, since I recently moved home from across the country and we want nothing more than to soak in a cool ice bath. Instead, we decide to watch a movie and not move an inch.

“What movie do you want to watch?” Mom asks me.

“I seriously don’t care. Anything,” I answer, reaching into the cupboard and snatching whatever snacks I see. Anything we don’t have to prepare ends up in my hands.

Mom gets our drinks and we settle into the couch, each in front of a fan that only seems to be blowing the hot around.

Mom shuts off the light and turns on the movie. Honestly, I’d like to say I remember which one it was, but I didn’t end up watching it anyway.

About halfway in, I slowly reach over and nab a box of cookies–those, I remember. Yes, them I remember quite well. It was the puffy marshmallow ones with the chocolate coating.

Fun fact: marshmallow is made with gelatin (derived from animal parts), so thank God I can no longer eat these terrible, terrible, terrible cookies. Keep reading, I’ll explain.

I began eating the cookies and into my second one (yes, second one. I’m so ashamed) I realized there was an odd taste to these cookies, like someone had poisoned them. No, I’m serious! It was bitter with an aftertaste like corn syrup. I figured they’d just been in the cupboard too long and they’d gone bad or the ingredients went sour.

Oh dear heaven, I wish!!

I turned on the light to find a bunch of ants all over the cookie and a couple crawling on my hand. Yick! Icky, icky, yuck!

I have nothing else to say in this matter. It was not my proudest moment. It should probably turn me off cookies forever, but thank God it hasn’t.

It turns out that my mom had an ant infestation and we’d both chosen something extra sweet to eat.

I’ve still got the willies from thinking about it. Ewwww!!

**Note to self: don’t eat cookies in the dark.**

yours truly,

A Clumsy Writer

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