Rip Between The Lines

Dear Diary,

Today I ripped another shirt.

Today’s topic is one that I hadn’t really thought about until today when I tore a brand new shirt–and I’m talking brand spanking new! I got it last night, washed it and put it on when I got up. Four hours later the shirt got snagged on the corner of one of my cabinets.

I went to the store specifically for a couple new shirts because I’m always constantly wrecking mine. Two days ago I picked up one of my cats and her claw got stuck. I didn’t notice that her claw had ripped a hole in the fabric until hours later when I looked down and there was a dime-size hold on the right breast side. Yes, I was walking around for hours with a hole in my boob!

(I know! How embarrassing it that?)

I’m constantly ripping clothes. I bought a pair of cute jeggings that lasted maybe three days before they got snagged and torn. If you’re accident prone don’t pick up a pair of jeggings. They’re cute but boy, are they easily rippable. The funny thing is, I didn’t even notice until they’d been washed, put away and pulled back out again. I went to put them on some time later and found four holes in the thigh. Good thing that’s in style now.

Clearly, I have got to stop bumping into things! I do it so often, I don’t even notice anymore. And who takes the hit? My clothing and my bank account are the ones crying here.

Hey, maybe they should invent tear-proof clothing. Why not? They invented bulletproof glass.

Have you ever bought two or three of the same pair of pants, in case they get ripped or go out of fashion? That’s me. Anything that is comfortable and fits nice, I have a small collection.

My fashion sense is lacking a bit. Could it be because I can’t keep anything more than six months if I wear it?

Note to self: don’t walk by sharp objects.

Yours truly, 

A Clumsy Writer

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