Burns and Beautification

This one’s for the ladies (mostly). Of all the products and tools we have for our hair the curling iron is the one that always seems to attack me. I don’t know about you, but every other time I pick up that thing I somehow manage to burn myself.

I don’t burn myself in the same spot every time. You’d think I would burn my forehead, right? Well, yes, I’ve burnt that part too–several times. I’m talking about the other times where I miss my mark and burn my the edge of my ear, or my thumb or any of my other delicate writers’ fingers. I think I have officially burnt every place I could ever possibly burn myself on the curling iron, literally.

Once, I drop it on the ground and my reflexes weren’t fast enough to save my big toe from adding DNA to the curling iron. Yes, I burnt my toe on the curling iron. Don’t tell me you haven’t.

Okay, maybe that is unique to me.

The thing I find funny is that I’ve been using a curling iron for more than a decade. I’ve lost any excuse I’ve had to keep burning skin. Being clumsy just isn’t enough. It’s a routine that I just haven’t quite mastered. And it looks like I never will.

I’ve even burnt myself on the straightener quite a few times, which is hilarious to me because the heat of a curling iron is exposed, but the straightener snaps together. In theory, as long as I don’t stick my hand inside the forks I should be fine. I understand this theory. Unfortunately, in reality I must be defiant and brave (maybe the opposite word springs to your mind) and toss my fingers in there.

The other day I burnt the knuckle on my thumb. I still don’t know how it happened.

The newest issue I’ve been having is pinching. Yes, my new straightener keeps pinching me! I’ve nipped myself in the elbow a couple times, although mostly it’s my wrist that gets bitten, but what gives? Maybe it’s time to pick up a full body suit to avoid injury.

The price we pay for beautification.

Note to self: learn to straighten and curl with oven mitts on.

yours truly,Β 

A Clumsy Writer


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