Wring Around the Housie

One of my New Year’s resolutions was ‘less stress’. Apparently, the universe does not get their memos, because it is day 2 of the new year and my washer decides to quit wringing out the clothes! Well, it’s not mine. There are three of us in the house and the washer belongs to the other two.

Anyway, I need clothes and I need them tonight for work. I also need a towel to shower for work. Oh, this story is a fun one, let me warn you. No accidents, but entertaining.

Stubborn me, decides that I’m going to use the washer anyway. (If only I had a time machine to send me back to the old days where they could teach me how to do laundry by hand, because I’m a spoiled 21st century girl!)

I will admit that I do set myself up for some of my ‘accidents’ — not consciously, but I can at least admit that I’m a guilty party.

Here’s the worst part: for some reason, the house we’re renting has no heat in the laundry room. (I don’t know. Weird!) So, it’s freezing—Because it’s January and I live in Canada, where said month is one of the coldest of the year!

The sad part is that I like to conserve energy any way I can, (except when it comes to the toilet. Dirty stuff goes in and it gets flushed. PERIOD!) so I use cold water soap. And for some reason I am walking around the house in a summer dress. This is me setting up the scene for you.

  1. summer dress
  2. freezing cold room
  3. ice cold water
  4. Me, having to wring out clothes

Not only are my hands frozen, the towels weigh at least 5 tons!

The first thing I take out is a face cloth and that is easy. My hands are cold, sure, but I am like, “Yeah, this isn’t so bad.” The second item, another face cloth. The third item: a bath towel. UGH! Why did I do this to myself?

Oh yeah, because I don’t drive and the nearest laundromat is about 30 minutes away.

Then the best part! I knew I was going to have some difficulty with wringing out clothes, but I insisted on washing my winter coat as well.

Oh dear!

That thing weighs twice as much as the 5 ton towel and I can’t figure out exactly how to wring the thing out. Should I wring out the hood, and the arms, then move in for the kill on the torso? Should I wrap the entire thing around both wrists and wrench as tightly as I can?

I mean, this isn’t rocket science people! I have issues. Needless to say, the coat went into the dryer not wrung out properly.

I’m in my summer dress, in a cold room, wringing clothes full of ice cold water and my hands are frozen! All the gloves I own are cotton, so the cold will just bleed right through and now I have two more items to wring out.

No thanks. I’m good.

So, I ask my friend to bring me some waterproof gloves. I’m imagining the nice heavy ones you get for winter months, right? Oh no! She brings me rubber gloves that you would use around the house, while cleaning. **Eye roll**

Whatever, it’s better than nothing, right?

Yes, the gloves turned out okay. My hands were still beet red when I took them off, but at least I could feel my fingers. After the first couple towels, I had to toss my hands in front of the heater and I swear I couldn’t feel my fingertips!

Not doing that again!

The universe has taught me a lesson today, and that is: if you’re a stubborn person, stress is a given.

At least I got a funny story to tell my readers, and I have a plan to pick up a new washer on pay day!

Note to self: get some waterproof gloves!

yours truly, 

A Clumsy Writer


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