Um… Why? Why Did I Do It?

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

Today’s post is something we can almost all relate to: over imbibing. I waited to start my drinking years until my mid-twenties. After graduating high school, the only goal was to escape my hometown. It didn’t really matter where I went or what I did.

I ended up in the wonderful province of British Columbia, Canada. It’s just the best. There’s nothing more I can say about that.

I jumped right into the workforce and didn’t look back. Soon, I was getting a paycheck and learning to spend, spend, spend—something I do regret. It was nice, but one day I woke up and six years had gone by. All I’d done for that time was work. Mostly two jobs, sometimes three. I didn’t have a life; I had work friends, but it was mostly me going home to sleep, only to wake up and go back to work.

When my eyes were finally ‘opened’ I quit one job and started going to karaoke bars. It’s a long story about how that actually came about but, it was my adventure and I was happy. I made a lot of friends (that I miss terribly since moving back to the place I was born) and I had so much fun. Met some really great people… and drank my weight’s worth in alcohol every month for about a year.

I did a lot of stupid, but funny things in those times, but that year was one of the best I’ve ever had.

I do not know why this is, but I would apparently have this urge to come home and raid the fridge before passing out somewhere in the house.

It’s always fun when it comes back up a couple hours later. (Yeah, right!) You would think I would learn my lesson, but nope. A week later, I’d be in the same four-legged position in front of the toilet (if I was lucky to get that far!)

This one time I had made hamburger and rice. This used to be a favorite of mine back when I used to eat meat. Okay, please understand this when I say, “Don’t ever do what I did!”

Such a nerd! Who eats greasy chunks of meat and sticky grains of rice when they know they are going to throw it up?

It’s like my brain sent me the hungry signal just to watch the rest of me suffer later on—payback for the alcohol. I don’t know, so anyway, back to the meal. When it came up, the rice came up so fast it went through my nose. Let me tell you that burned like a… well, I can’t say, but it was no picnic, and then hamburger got stuck in my throat. Not enough to choke me, but it was very awkward. I’m telling you, please do not this at home!

I can tell you that I never ate that particular food ever again. At least I learned some kind of lesson.

Note to self: do not let brain trick you into thinking you’re hungry!

yours truly, 

A Clumsy Writer

***Extra alcohol-related tidbit: This one time I lost all my i.d. after one of my karaoke nights. I looked everywhere for it. I checked the bar and asked all my friends. It was nowhere to be found! I had to have it replaced and everything. About three months later, I found it in the backyard. It turns out that I had decided to make a snow angel and it fell out of my coat pocket. hehehe

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