Chain Reaction

Have you ever been in an accident and someone says, “Don’t worry about it. You will laugh about this some day.”? If you’re anything like me, you might want to slap said person. For instance, in my very first post I talked about how I fell and did the splits on a milk crate when I was younger.

Click this link to read about it: This Clumsy Girl’s Big Fall

I never thought anything in the world could ever be as painful as that moment and my mother would always tell me I’d be able to laugh about it someday.

Guess what? I’m still waiting! But if you get a chuckle out of the full story I’m okay with that. My friend told me she felt guilty because she liked my story and laughed when she read it.

That is what I was going for, so I couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’re as accident prone as I am, why not get something out of it? At least I could make her laugh, despite not thinking it funny myself.

Today’s post is about when I threw my back out last year. It still makes me want to shrivel up into a ball in the corner and cry just thinking about the pain. It beat the milk crate pain by a stratosphere. Any time I moved, a searing agony whistled through my back like little devils were dancing on my skin, and instead of shoes they were covered in knives. It’s been a year now and recovery has been long, but I’m getting there.

How it all started was when I tripped up the stairs. Yes, that’s right, I said ‘up’. I was heading up the stairs and my lack of depth perception got the better of me, and to quote one of my favorite songs, ‘it’s all downhill from here’.

On the upside, that pain caused me to get healthy. I finally became a vegetarian, which was something I always wanted to do. I learned to sit up and straight and I even have my business partners trying out vegetarian dishes once in a while.  (They’ve also been seeing my chiropractor).

I hope that this post will teach people not to do the things I’ve done. Treat your body with respect… and try not to take a bunch of tumbles that may land you in a world of trouble down the road.

This story doesn’t have an ending yet, so I will be posting more about the progress. All I can say, is being accident prone your whole life and having it catch up with you in your thirties is a wake-up call that I kind of wish I didn’t have to answer. Maybe next year I will feel differently. Until then, it’s a day by day journey and I’m happy to share my progress.

Note to self: always sit up straight in chairs, never slouch, and never ever ever fall up the stairs. (Nag, nag, nag)

yours truly, 

A Clumsy Writer

3 thoughts on “Chain Reaction”

  1. You should exercise for a couple of minutes everyday if you are accident-prone so you can increase awareness. Just be careful next time haha.


  2. Glad to hear you are a vegetarian. I do eat salmon and tuna but aside from that I gave up deli meats. They are filled with so many chemicals you could use them in explosives. I always wondered about A one steak sauce. If it softens meat what does it do in your stomach?

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  3. P.S. I published a book on create a space. It is called Short Stories and Other Stuff. Go to Amazon.com look under books and then type in the title. You can buy it on Amazon. Now the reason I mention this is not to sell you a book but to let you know you can do this also. Under create a book you can produce a book and it cost you nothing. You can then put it on Amazon and be a published author with a book for sale. Hope this gets you started. I see you are an author and figured you could use or not use this information. Hope it helped, Barry

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