Tea Bag Mishap

So, I’ve had a sinus infection for a few months now. It’s been so bad that I get a massive eyeball headache instantly after walking outside, or daring to look at my computer (which makes a writer’s life so much more interesting, don’t you think?).

This has brought me to the doctor more times than I dare to count. Each specialist I am sent to gives me a new experiment. Oh joy!

The first specialist recommended reading glasses, which I never picked up because I can read just perfectly. “How do you know?” He’d ask me.

How do I know? This is actually a good question. If you have glasses you might understand why this is a good question. If not, I’ll explain. A few years ago, I was walking around squinting at things like Menus at fast food places, or tiny road street signs, and it had become such a habit that I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Until one day, my long blonde moment finally ended.

You know how that happened?

My friend told me to wear her glasses. I can’t even remember why she told me to try them. Like a hallelujah moment in the movies, a choir sang in the background as the glasses slipped around my ears and the fuzzy world sharpened. Pardon the expression, but I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I had been walking around in a blurry world and didn’t even know it!

So, this is how I know that I can see directly in front of me. This is how I know that I am nearsighted only.

The other thing that doctor recommended was using a tea bag on my eyes. I don’t particularly like this, but hey! if you’re in pain you will pretty much try anything–especially when that pain messes with your livelihood.

This is where the funny part comes in. I went to the store to purchase some tea bags. I’m not a big tea drinker, but it has a lot of healthy properties and why not try and get into a healthy habit?

I picked up a flavor that I thought I could stomach. (I think it was gingerbread, maybe.) And that’s where everything went wrong.

I let the hot tea bag cool a bit and stuck it to my eye. It burned, but I figured hot tea bag… it’s going to burn a bit. Until the burning got to be painful.

Upon removing said tea bag from my eye it came evident to me that I am either allergic to this tea or it is probably one of the ones that you are not supposed to put near your eyes (yes, I learned this afterward). Silly me!

I walked around with a red pirate’s eye patch for two days after and the tea bags moved to another home… the trash can!

After crossing that charming task off the list, I was sent to a sinus guy and given an allergy test. (Oh joy!)

First, I thought it was a bunch of needle pricks, but no it was just a bunch of scratches on my arm. That test came back saying I’m allergic to cats (which sucks because I have cats).

You probably see where this is going.

The doctor asked me to use a sinus rinse twice a day (which kind of feels like you’re drowning, if you’ve never done it. Use warm water. It goes so much smoother). In two weeks we are going to revisit the issue and see if a ‘booster’ shot will save a cat girl from a never-ending sinus infection.

Because I am keeping the cats, regardless. Even if that makes me sound crazy.

Note to self: if it stings, it’s not a good thing.

yours truly, 

A Clumsy Writer




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