The Car Ate My Key!

As most of you may know from reading past posts, I am in fact a superhero!

That’s right, I clean dirt and grime during the day and by night? I am a ghost, I am an angel, I’m a sixteen-year-old girl just trying to find her place in the world, I’m an old man nearing retirement, I’m a junior in college getting drunk for the first time, I’m anyone I want to be. That should make me a superhero, right? That’s just who writers are.

Today I’m going to tell a fascinating story about my ‘boring’ day job. It may not be the most glamorous career out there but it can be fun. About a month ago, I dropped a client’s key in between a seat in our company vehicle. (I know! My bad!) I spent days trying to fish the thing out of the metal contraption wrapped in leather.

To no avail.

And I never told anyone from my team. I only kept sneaking into the back seat looking for it. Until the one day, when we actually needed the key and I couldn’t hide the facts anymore. I had to fess up and admit to what I’d done.

That led to us all looking for the key, which no one else could find either. They didn’t even want to believe me; that I’d lost the key where I said I had, but I knew the truth and I wasn’t giving up. That car seat wasn’t getting the best of me!

Well, it did. Time and time again, the chair won. It was coming close to the time where I’d have to admit to our client what I’d done and I just didn’t want to. See, I may be accident prone, but I guard other peoples’ keys with my life. Losing them is not an option for me. It can’t be in my business.

So, I cracked my knuckles, warned the chair what was about to go down, and offered it one last chance to cough up the key.

And when that didn’t work my coworker and I dove in! We folded the chair and lifted its rear-end for the whole inside of the van to see. And still no key!!

Honestly, I’m sweating buckets at this point. I know this key is in there, and I’m starting to look like a loser (a key loser!).

The final thing we tried was unleashing the chair (seriously! It has a couple of latches to release it) and we tore the chair out of the van. The whole process took nearly a half an hour, but we found the key.

See? I wouldn’t fib.

The hilarious part about it was when we were trying to get the chair onto the ground we heard the key clanking around in the metal compartment. I honestly don’t know how the thing got so lodged inside this chair, but it found a home and it did NOT wish to part with it.

But alas, the key came out and the client wasn’t angry. (I think they’re beginning to understand the clumsy nature of their cleaning crew.) and I love them for it.

Note to self: Day jobs don’t have to be boring.

yours truly,

A Clumsy Writer

10 thoughts on “The Car Ate My Key!”

  1. How did you like the Hitchhiker story. I put it into my book called, “Short Stories and Other Stuff.” Since you are a budding writer who has tremendous potential I wonder if you would like a copy of my book? Let me know and I will send it to you. One writer to another writer. Keep writing and just maybe you will be the next Hemingway or Agatha Christie.

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  2. You have the kind of perseverance it takes to be a writer! I was right there with you — I had my tools out hoping you would mention the make of the vehicle so I could work out a way to get that key!! Terry

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  3. Forgive me for laughing when I read of your predicament. It’s only because I can picture myself in exactly that situation! Thank you for sharing your escapades and keeping the rest of us entertained!

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  4. It’s a fascinating story, a key stuck into car seat. I can feel as I am also a trouble maker , who never get bored as each day I do mistakes.Ha ha. Share more stories….

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