Backup, Backup, and… Backup

I found an old diary entry today that reminded me of a moronic move I made a couple years back. To this day, I still can’t even believe I was such a dork! Ugh!

Obviously, I’m a writer. My passion lies in Young Adult fantasy novels, though I have multiple side projects to keep my mind busy (which is probably why I have so many bruises. Those pesky doorways!). This job requires a lot of grueling nights, maybe a few tears, some laughs, and a lot of research. We writers have files and files of research, notes, character info, plot ideas, etc. Files upon files for each project clutter our computer, notebooks, and papers.

I keep my files on the computer, mostly to conserve paper and when it comes time to edit there are many, many fewer headaches, I find. Well, like a dummy I didn’t save the work on my latest novel!

Oh, it gets exponentially worse!

I hadn’t backed up my last three novels when I updated to the latest Windows version and my computer was one of the lucky ones to crash! Not only will I never ‘upgrade’ versions by choice, but I now backup twice. I have copies of my work on paper and on a thumb drive, plus they’re on my computer. Why not? It takes minutes to back up your work.

Because life is so predictably unpredictable my neighbor turned out to know something about computers (backup!) and was able to restore the files. My life saver.

Those were the longest three days of my entire life, let me tell you. That saying, ‘When God closes a door, he opens a window’ comes to mind.

Note to self: backup! backup! backup!

yours truly,

A Clumsy Writer


2 thoughts on “Backup, Backup, and… Backup”

  1. I am so paranoid about this kind of thing that not only do I use Dropbox, I wrote a program to archive off everything nightly and write it to another computer just in case Dropbox itself fails.

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