Roommate Disaster

Have you ever lived in a home that seems to need constant attention? Tonight’s story is sponsored by a dilapidated brick house as needy as a four-year-old child.

My roommate and I were putting up a new door to the basement that needed to be sanded, and it also needed a hole where the doorknob is supposed to go (I’d never done this before, so it was quite an experience). You need special tools, which I can’t even name and they aren’t easy to use.

I wish I had this on video. This would have been so comical, thinking back on it. Two women who don’t know what they’re doing, figuring it out on their own. GIRL POWER!

I’m holding the door up and my roommate is using a drill to put the hinges on and an unsuspecting me feels a massive pain shoot down my arm and then a loud bang reverberates at my foot.

The roommate dropped the drill! I still don’t know how this happened, but she dropped the drill and it slammed into my arm on the way down. I will never forget this because I literally had a ‘star-head’ wound on my arm for a couple weeks.

And my roommate laughed! She laughed and laughed, thinking it was the funniest thing that SHE DROPPED A DRILL on me. Never mind that she could have crushed my arm! Then she informs me that she isn’t supposed to hold anything above her head (obviously, you and I now know why).

She thought it was even funnier when a bruise formed around the wound. It actually looked like I had a nipple on my arm. (I swear I couldn’t make this up if I tried!) I wish I had a picture now, but I burned or deleted them all.

It has since scarred over, but my roommate still laughs about it. I told her she isn’t allowed to laugh about it until I do and since it’s being posted for the world to view I guess I can let her have her laugh.

Note to self: your roommate might be hiding a very deep, dark secret.

yours truly, 

A Clumsy Writer

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