Hazardous Work Environment?

I don't know if I can teach you anything with this blog, except to always watch where you're going in life, though I do hope that you get a chuckle out of it. If this blog posting can make even one person's day a little better, I can say that I've done my job. Today,… Continue reading Hazardous Work Environment?


Backup, Backup, and… Backup

I found an old diary entry today that reminded me of a moronic move I made a couple years back. To this day, I still can't even believe I was such a dork! Ugh! Obviously, I'm a writer. My passion lies in Young Adult fantasy novels, though I have multiple side projects to keep my… Continue reading Backup, Backup, and… Backup


Roommate Disaster

Have you ever lived in a home that seems to need constant attention? Tonight's story is sponsored by a dilapidated¬†brick house as needy as a four-year-old child. My roommate and I were¬†putting up a new door to the basement that needed to be sanded, and it also needed a hole where the doorknob is supposed… Continue reading Roommate Disaster